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Nijmegen, a historical city in the Netherlands

City of Nijmegen

The city of Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, which is clearly visible in the historic city centre. Take a stroll through the rich historical centre of Nijmegen. The Romans, Charlemagne and the Roman-German Empire left their mark here.

Nijmegen real estate prices

If you live in or want to move to Nijmegen, you will have to contend with house prices, which have risen slightly in recent years. This is the case in most Dutch cities.

Districts of Nijmegen

The city centre is located on the river Waal, with a shopping centre and entertainment venues. Anyone living in Nijmegen should know what to expect in the city centre. Many of the houses in this part of town are located above the shops. Many of the historic ownership and rental houses were renovated in the 1970s, which also makes the centre look youthful. People like to come there.

Nijmegen-New West. With neighbourhoods like Hees, Neerbosch-Oost and Heseveld, Nijmegen-Nieuw-West is an old part of the city where several new houses have been built in recent years. There are many small flats and low-rise buildings are characteristic. People who move to Nijmegen can find nice houses there.

Lindenholt. From the old centre of Nijmegen you can see this neighbourhood on the other side of the Maas-Waal canal. There are many low-rise buildings in this area. Residents describe the area as a quiet place to live.

Moving from abroad

Are you moving to Nijmegen from abroad and intend to stay for at least four months in the next six months? Then you have three options:

You are living in the Netherlands for the first time (or you left the Netherlands before 1 October 1994 and are now returning to the Netherlands). Remember to report that you have settled in the Netherlands within 5 days of your arrival. You will be entered in the basic register and given a BSN title.

You left the Netherlands after 1 October 1994 and are now returning to Nijmegen. Make sure that the municipality has registered you with the BRP so that you can apply for a driving licence and not lose any benefits.

You left the Netherlands after 1 October 1994, but are now coming to live in Nijmegen because you became a parent.

If you will be staying in the country for less than 4 months, you must make an appointment to be entered in the non-resident register.

Registration with the municipality

The rules for moving within or to Nijmegen are the same as in the rest of the Netherlands. You need to make an appointment at the town hall. You must bring proof of identity to this appointment so as not to cause any problems. You can register your move if you are over 16 years old. This is also possible for your parents and of course your children, provided you live at the same address.

Moving costs

You can keep the costs of moving to Nijmegen low by comparing removal companies. The costs of course depend on the company and the type of move. However, there are many factors to consider.

Moving to Nijmegen

If you are planning a move within the Netherlands and you are a lover of history and historical sites, this beautiful old city is worth considering. Nijmegen gives many charming places to people who appreciate exploring their city. Plan your move well, leave the problem with your luggage, furniture and all your belongings to the removal company, while you take care of all the formalities and enjoy the charms of the city and its surroundings and meet new people who can help you with your job search or show you unknown corners of the city.