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Opinions after moving from England to Poland

There are many reasons why Poles want to move from England to Poland. Mostly family reasons. However, let’s check out the opinions after moving to the country on the Vistula river.

Moving from the UK to Poland

Generally, impressions can be divided half and half – there will be both positive and negative. Below, however, we will focus on the good feelings that accompanied some time after returning. – England sucked all our energy, so we decided to go back to Poland. Of course, in the UK there was money, but without family the only attraction was shopping,” says Kaja. – In Poland, if you look hard enough, you can find a decent job and live at a similar standard as in the UK. We came back and we are very happy,” she adds.

– Coming back to Poland was the best decision of my life. I’ve lived in Ireland since sixth form of primary school, including university. Everyone was surprised because I would have a good job after graduation, but life for foreigners is not always that colorful. I simply feel at home in Poland,” Iza appreciates. Sławek is of a similar opinion. – Identity is something more than having money. It doesn’t matter if it’s England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark – we will always be out of our country, out of our home, which we miss a lot after some time. Of course – I had a great job, I even built a house, but I realised that it was a mistake to move away from my homeland. The motherland is like a mother,” he says.

Some people return to Poland after spending several years in England. – I came back with my foreign husband. We both had no trouble finding work and, although I moved to a completely different part of the country than my family, we made new friends and we simply feel at home. It is obvious that not everyone will find their way back home and that is why you need determination and organisation to make a new life for yourself,’ emphasises Katarzyna. – I know two people who have decided to move to Poland, one of them after ten years in London. They bought a flat in Poland and it seems that they do not regret their decision. Emigration is often connected to the fact that there is no one to help with the children, because the family is far away. The other side of the coin is the fear of re-adapting to the new-old place, but all the time the advantages of being close to one’s family outweigh the disadvantages,” adds Mateusz.

Moving from the UK to Poland – the most important family

As it turns out, moving from the UK to Poland can be decided because the pace of life in the UK is too fast. – A friend came back after four years and says that she lives much better in Poland now because she doesn’t have to run around as much as she did there. Here, she also has an office job and a good salary, but this is also thanks to the qualifications she acquired in England. It was definitely an advantage of the whole trip – informs Żaneta. – I hate the weather there, because of the constant wind and rain I couldn’t cure myself, I was fighting with a headache nonstop. I missed home, Poland and the awareness of living closer to my family to which I am very attached,” says Magdalena. – So I came back after six years in the UK, even though I had a well-paid job. I saved, I could afford a lot but I was not happy,” she adds.