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Weekend in the Netherlands. What is there to see in Groningen?

What does Groningen have to offer? Several interesting monuments and museums, and the charming streets by the canal are perfect for a walk. What else attracts tourists to this Dutch city? A rich nightlife! Here are some of the places to see in Groningen.

Groningen, city by the canal

Groningen impresses with its beautiful architecture. The city is surrounded by a canal, which gives it even more charm. The Rondvaartbedrijf Kool organizes such trips. The boats depart daily from the quay opposite the Groningen Museum. During the hour-long cruise, you will learn about the history of the city and admire old mansions, charming bridges and old buildings that once served as warehouses or breweries. Along the way, we also pass numerous houses on the water, particularly popular with the local students. A cruise ticket for an adult will cost us 12 EUR, for a child ticket we will pay 6,50 EUR.

Getting around the city

Groningen is best explored on foot or, as befits the Netherlands, on bicycle. These can be rented from as little as EUR 7.50 per day in a rental shop, for example at the train station. Numerous bicycle paths lead through the city, so you can reach every corner on two wheels. The bicycle in Groningen is the fastest and most comfortable means of transport around the city.

Monuments in the city

Groningen’s landmark is the Martinitoren tower, located on the Grote Markt and visible from almost every point in the city. From the top of the 97-meter tower we can admire the panorama of the city, but first we have to overcome more than 300 winding and narrow steps. However, the view from the top is worth the effort. Tickets for the tower can be purchased at the tourist information desk next door; an adult pays 3 EUR, a child 2 EUR.

Museums in Groningen

In Groningen, the Groningen Museum is well worth a visit. The building itself is impressive, and inside there are various exhibits and antiques. Are you a fan of comic books? Then you will enjoy a visit to the Stripmuseum, where you can meet characters straight from cartoon stories.

Two old 15th century buildings house the Noordelijk Scheeovaartmuseum maritime museum, where you can learn about the history of Dutch shipping and shipbuilding. The GRID Grafisch Museum collects old equipment that was once used to design and print graphics, and we can try our hand at making our own artwork.

Green Groningen

A moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of the city can be sought in the Noorderplantsoen park, where you can stroll along the ponds or plan a picnic. It is a popular place for locals, who come here to relax. A little further away, the Stadspark offers even more green spaces, ideal for a leisurely stroll or bike ride.

Attractions in Groningen

Groningen is home to many festivals throughout the year, which are frequented by locals and tourists alike: the Beer Festival, the Flower Market, the Fashion Festival, the Orange Night in honour of the Dutch King and the Noorderzon art festival.

City markets

Several times a month, markets are also held in the city, during which we can buy typical Dutch food products (cheese), as well as fresh fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit. There are also numerous food trucks offering a variety of delicacies. The largest market takes place on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Vismarkt.


Groningen has repeatedly won the “luckiest city” award. No wonder, since a large part of the population are students, the city is very lively in the evenings. On Friday and Saturday evenings, pubs, cafés and restaurants are packed to the brim. The most popular pubs and restaurants are those on the Grote Markt, Poelestraat street and Vismarkt square. It is in Groningen that you will find Europe’s largest pub, the Drie Gezuters, which occupies the area of several tenement houses, inside there are several different bars and it is not at all difficult to get lost. There are also a few discos and coffee shops in the city, but they don’t serve coffee.

Moving to Groningen

If you are planning a move to this city and you are a sociable person who likes to have fun and enjoy interesting activities, then Groningen is ideal for you! Before you arrive, however, you should plan where you will live, look for a job and take care of all the formalities for moving to this city, country. Hire a company to take care of your luggage and furniture while you enjoy your new city, meet people and places. The moving company will take care of everything from A to Z, and you will save yourself unnecessary stress.