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What to know before moving to Frankfurt?


Residents of Frankfurt officially speak German as their formal language, but they also use a dialect unique to the area, Frankfurterisch, which uses expressions and terms that people from other German cities will have difficulty understanding.

Conventional German will be fine, as will English. As Frankfurt is a business centre, most people will be multilingual, and the closer you get to the city centre, the more likely you are to be able to get by without understanding more German than ‘Guten Tag’. However, as you drift towards the outskirts of the city, locals will respond much better to at least token attempts to speak their native language.

Health care

Frankfurt is one of the most reputable cities in Germany when it comes to healthcare, probably due to its significant number of high-profile citizens. Hospitals, both public and private, are numerous and maintained to an excellent standard, and generally more efficient than those in other cities.

Healthcare costs in Germany are covered by insurance, the cost of which is shared between you and your employer (although you will have to pay a small fee for doctor visits). As your employer will most likely offer you private health insurance as a perk – or at least a salary to consider it – it is recommended that you take out such a policy. There are many specialists in various medical fields in Frankfurt, and private insurance will help you bypass any waiting lists.

Climate in Frankfurt

The weather in Frankfurt is slightly friendlier than in some other German cities, with winters less harsh than in places like Berlin and very warm summers, in fact the hottest in the country. However, as in many German cities, rainfall is frequent, even in summer. There’s a reason many residents don’t leave home without an umbrella all year round.

Culture and entertainment

Not only is capitalism revered in Frankfurt, this city prides itself on its contribution to high culture. The Old Opera House is considered one of the best such venues in Europe, and Frankfurt’s theatre culture is widely known. You will also find a huge number of museums to satisfy every taste and interest.

Important events in the city

The biggest event on Frankfurt’s annual calendar is the Main Festival, which takes place throughout the city on the August weekend, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display. There will be plenty of entertainment for people of all ages and tastes at this event, so make sure you get involved in Frankfurt life.

Once you’ve found the Old Opera House, you’ll be delighted to learn about the annual festival on Opera Square. Every summer, the grounds surrounding this grand old building are filled with world cuisine and many different performances in the Opera House. Grape lovers will be delighted by the Rheingau Wine Festival, where hundreds of winemakers from all over the world descend every September to offer their wares. It is preceded by the Apple Wine Festival, celebrating Frankfurt’s most popular beverage, which combines stalls selling various apple wines with a variety of entertainment on a stage in the city centre.

Sport in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most American sports-friendly cities in Europe. The city boasts the Löwen Frankfurt hockey team, the Frankfurt Universe football team and the Skyliners basketball team. The former two teams are struggling, but if basketball is your passion, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at the Fraport Arena, where the Skyliners play.

In general, football is the biggest passion in the city. Eintracht Frankfurt plays their home matches at the Commerzbank Arena. Although the team has not been very successful in recent years, it still enjoys a huge crowd of enthusiastic fans, and tickets on match days are usually sold out.