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When is the best time to go to Paris?

Paris as the capital of the world of fashion, art, and fine dining presents itself beautifully at any time of the year. Spring allows us to see with our own eyes the magnolias in bloom, in the summer the city offers many attractions, autumn leaves foster a romantic atmosphere, and in winter you can feel like a character plucked from a Christmas movie here. Unfortunately, prices in Paris can sometimes make your head spin. So when is the best time to go to the French capital to avoid the crowds and not overpay?

How to avoid crowds in Paris?

Paris is bustling both during the day and at night. If we are not fans of large crowds of people, it is worth knowing when the capital of France is the least crowded. Although it may surprise you, Paris is the least crowded in August and December.

August is the month of vacations, including for Parisians. This is a time when the French go on vacation leaving the city virtually empty. It is not difficult then to get a table in a popular restaurant or a parking space in the center. You can still run into other tourists here, but the city is much more empty than in July.

If, on the other hand, you don’t care about going to Paris in the summer, you can avoid even bigger crowds of people. The winter months, including December, are the ideal time to visit. The city looks beautiful then, a small number of tourists are roaming around, and Parisians are busy preparing for the holidays.

Cheap hotels in Paris – When is the cheapest?

Prices in Paris hotels drop at the beginning of December. Due to the small number of tourists in Paris, competition in the hotel industry is getting tougher, so owners are forced to offer accommodation at a low price. It is also worth reviewing the offer of hotels in surrounding towns – often there you can find the greatest gems, and access to the center is usually very good.

In summary, the best time to go to the French capital is the winter months. Prices are then the lowest, the number of tourists is small, and there is a chance that you will see with your own eyes the snow covering the Eiffel Tower.