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Den Bosch, moving to climatic Netherlands

‘s-Hertogenbosch, Den Bosch, as it is commonly abbreviated, has its own unique atmosphere, a typical example of a typical Dutch town, situated on canals, filled with the waters of the river Dommel flowing through it. For a long time in its history it was a city, a fortress with mighty defensive walls and forts, an urban island in a field of flat depressional polders. The famous turn-of-the-century Gothic-Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch was born and died here, creating works such as The Last Judgement and The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Den Bosch Cathedral

So now it’s time for the market. Triangular. In its heart is the statue of Hieronymus Bosch, but he is not the biggest attraction of this place. Here you can see the oldest surviving brick house in the Netherlands, de Moriaan, dating from the 13th century. Also worth seeing is the 17th century Town Hall, built in the style of Dutch classicism.

Viewing point on the city

On the south side of the city, you can visit the harbour. From there, you have a great view of the polders, floodplains located below sea level, which are constantly drained and protected from flooding. They are used by the locals as a recreational area, where they cycle, run, relax on blankets and walk their dogs.

Moving to Den Bosch

You have to be able to see in order to see. This city is attractive because it is the cheapest and fastest option to see “typical Netherlands“, on a small scale, which is hard to see in much more modern and redeveloped cities like Amsterdam, The Hague or even Eindhoven. If you want to move to this interesting city, it’s worth choosing the right removal company to help you during your relocation.