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Enschede, a town in the east of the Netherlands

If you want to change your place of residence, to find your asylum, then Enschede might just be for you. Read our article, get to know Enschede and move with our help today!

Information about Enschede

The municipality has over 158,000 inhabitants and lies just a few kilometres from the German border. Enschede, known as Eanske in the Twents dialect, is a city in the eastern province of Overijssel and in the region of Twente.

In 2000, a fireworks warehouse exploded in the city, destroying a significant part of the city and killing 23 people, including firefighters. The disaster is known throughout the Netherlands and got its nickname Vuurwerkramp, or ‘fireworks disaster’.

Thanks to a lot of destruction and reconstruction, the city of Enschede does not offer historical attractions to its citizens and tourists. Instead, there are contemporary architecture exhibitions at the University of Twente and in the district of Roombeek.

The city centre is a traffic-free zone and the Old Market often hosts live music and other events in front of the 13th century Grote Kerk on weekends.

History of the city of Enschede

People have lived around the Old Market in Enschede since the early Middle Ages, when the town was called Anescede or Enschede, meaning ‘near the border’.

The medieval city was largely built of wood, so fire was a constant threat, and a series of fires in 1517, 1750 and 1862 earned the inhabitants of Enschede the nickname brandstichters (arsonists).

During World War II, Enschede was one of the first Dutch cities to be captured by German troops. Members of the resistance helped many of the town’s Jewish residents to hide on the surrounding farms. Of the approximately 1,300 Jews in Enschede, 500 (almost 40%) survived, while less than 20% survived in the rest of the Netherlands.

Sights and attractions in Enschede

Grote Kerk- the central church,

Elderinkshuis- the oldest building in the city ,

De Museumfabriek- Museum in the district of Roombeek,

Rijksmuseum Twenthe- Museum with 18th century and contemporary art,

Enschede Synagogue- in the opinion of many the most beautiful synagogue in the Netherlands,

University of Twente- A university with interesting buildings of varying architecture,

Stadshaard Enschede-Electric power station, which was called “the ugliest building in the Netherlands”,

Het Rutbeek- a lake in Enschede,

Volkspark- a recreational park from 1872,

Aqadrome- a swimming pool with slides,

Grolsch Veste- football stadium of FC Twente,

Go Planet Parc- amusement park with cinema, bowling alley, skating rink, concert hall, karting track and restaurants,

Wilminktheater- Theatre and concert hall.

Moving to Enschede

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