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List of things to do when moving to Hannover

Hannover is said to be the third most relaxed place in the world. It is considered to be absolutely boring. However, the locals are not worried about the bad image. On the contrary, it is enough that they know its advantages.

Travelling through Hanover

Hannover does not have the best reputation. Its mediocre image is also due to the fact that many people know the capital of Lower Saxony primarily from changing trains. The city only loses out on this. In Hannover, the situation is also often made worse by the rainy-grey North German sky hanging over the tracks. Travellers are happy to get away quickly. To Berlin, to Hamburg or towards the south.

Hanover a good place to move to

In Hanover itself, there are people who are glad that travellers are leaving their city quickly. Some even believe that the untidy image of their city is the best guarantee that everything will stay the same. Hanover’s residents are very satisfied with their accommodation. In a recent survey, the number of people who like or very much like living in this city rose to just over 90 percent. Is this just desperate local patriotism, or are there reasons for this? Let’s find out.

To understand life in Hanover, some basic conditions of the city must first be explained. The most important of these: Hannover lies on the North German Plain. This makes the city pleasant for cyclists. The vastness of the terrain also gave urban planners the opportunity to create lush green areas and maintain them to this day. The north is dominated by the magnificent gardens of Herrenhausen. The western part of the city is surrounded by the rivers Leine and Ihme. To the south and east, the Eilenriede, one of the largest urban forests in Europe, stretches around the district. Hannover is considered the “greenest city in Germany”.

A liveable city

Hanover’s population has remained stable at around half a million over the last hundred years, if you exclude the turmoil of war and take into account the incorporation of the city. A significant influx of new residents only began in 2011. Since then, the city has grown by more than 25,000 inhabitants. However, Hannover is not yet talking about density stress.