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Moving to Arnhem, a city of many attractions

Some people already count Arnhem as part of the Randstad, although the city is not formally part of the Randstad. However, it is certainly a great place for a weekend getaway or city tour. There is plenty to see and do, plenty of places to relax. And drink wine in the museum! This very old city (city rights since 1233), which is the capital of the province of Gelderland, deserves attention for the friendly climate it offers its visitors. And interesting attractions, rarely seen elsewhere in the Netherlands.

The Openluchtmuseum, an open-air museum

This is one of the best places of its kind in the Netherlands. It will take you back in time to the old Netherlands and its people. You will learn about their lifestyle and work. You will see the houses where they lived and where they indulged in their daily activities.

The exhibition is also worth a visit with children. They will have the opportunity to see, for example, how the blacksmith’s work used to look like, enter the old windmill, learn how to obtain handmade paper. There are vegetable and fruit gardens, a laundry equipped with already forgotten detergents, and even a brewery. There is also a stylish souvenir shop. Dutch people in traditional costumes stroll along the paths of the open-air museum. And all this among old houses with characteristic sloping roofs reaching almost to the ground.

Burger`s Zoo

This is a large zoo, spread over an area of 45 hectares. The zoo is not typical, because its creators tried to recreate in it a substitute for natural habitats of animals. That is why you will find here an African jungle, a Mexican rocky desert, savannah plains and a Malayan rainforest. You will have the opportunity to observe plants and animals in the largest living coral reef in Europe! You will enter a mangrove forest, found in the wild throughout the intertropical zone. When planning a trip to Burger`s Zoo, take a look at its website.

Historische kelders – historic cellars

Beneath the shopping streets of Arnhem, there are as many as 36 historic cellars which you can descend into. There you will have the opportunity to learn more about the rich and long history of the city. These cellars were restored in 2001, linked together and opened to the public. It is a great place for all seasons.

The glass balcony on the church tower

If you don’t have a fear of heights but want to see a great panorama of the city, then we recommend you to visit Eusebiuskerk. It is perhaps the only church in Europe which has an internal lift in its tower. With its help, you can ascend to the very top (60 metres), from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Arnehm. What else is special here? The balconies with glass floors on the east and west sides of the tower. The balconies are located on the east and west sides of the tower, but can only be accessed by those for whom height is not a problem. There is also a very special instrument on the tower – a set of tower bells called a carillon (in Polish – karylion). When you are there, you can take a closer look at them.

Wine Museum

In one of the underground cellars, which we have already mentioned, is the Wine Museum. Unfortunately, it’s only open on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm, but if that’s the day you’re in Arnhem, it’s worth a look. Not only will you learn about the history of this noble beverage and its future prospects. There is also the opportunity for a wine tasting if you wish, but this pleasure must be booked in advance.

Moving to Arnhem

If you are planning to relocate and you are a person who likes to have fun and explore new and interesting places, then Arnhem is the city for you. It is very important that before you move you are familiar with the documents you need to submit to the authorities, and that you find the right removal company to take care of your belongings, so you can start enjoying the amenities of Arnhem as soon as possible.