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Moving to Hannover, transport

Moving to Hannover, transport

Hannover’s location as a major crossroads for railways and motorways provides the city with excellent transport links. The city is served by Hannover/Langenhagen International Airport, which is located just 11 km north of Hannover’s city centre. Around 5 million people use the airport each year, with flights to destinations all over the world.

Hannover’s international railways

The main train station in the city is Hannover Hauptbahnhof, which is the hub for the ICE line, meaning that expats living in Hannover can easily travel by rail to many international and domestic destinations. Connections to the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Austria are available from Hannover, and the S-Bahn railway connects the airport to the train station.


Hannover is one of the key cities in the German motorway network, located between Hamburg and Kassel (A7 motorway) and between Berlin and Düsseldorf (A2). The German motorway is famous for the fact that there are no speed limits on some parts of it. With the right car, you will get from one city to another very quickly.

Bus networks in Hannover

The city’s extensive Stadtbahn and bus system is often used by foreigners living in Hannover as well as locals. The city’s designer buses and trams are world famous. Hannover is also very bike-friendly, with cycle paths throughout the city.

Living in Hannover

The local public transport allows Hannover residents to choose from a variety of housing types. You can just as easily live in a house with a garden in one of the towns and municipalities of the Hannover region as in a flat in the city, and in both cases work and nature are easily accessible. No matter which part of the city you live in, leisure opportunities are always plentiful.