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Moving to Tilburg, what should you know?

Tilburg is the sixth municipality in the Netherlands and has 212,000 inhabitants. Tilburg is mainly known for the dialect that is spoken there and the university, which has recently become known as Tilburg University. With a cosy and busy city centre and a large number of young families, Tilburg is a very pleasant city. Many people move to Tilburg. If you are also planning to do so, read the article below for more information.

History of Tilburg

The municipality of Tilburg includes the towns of Berkel-Enschot and Udenhout, in addition to the city of Tilburg. Due to the size of Tilburg, the area is quite urban, but there is certainly no shortage of nature here. Tilburg is home to a number of well-known city parks, which host numerous fairs and festivals in the summer. These parks are: Het Leijpark, Wilhelminapark and Wandelbos.

City landscapes

Tilburg is also close to the Loonse National Park and Drunense Dunes, an ideal place for hiking from winter to summer. The area is also used for horse riding and mountain biking. There are many other small nature reserves to enjoy in and around Tilburg. If you love nature, then moving to Tilburg is a good idea.

Life in Tilburg

Tilburg is one of the most important cities in North Brabant and therefore has a wide range of amenities. Tilburg has 13 libraries, 2 hospitals, 2 universities and several colleges. Furthermore, Tilburg has its own football club (Willem II) with a proper stadium. With 3 train stations and a large number of bus connections, public transport in Tilburg is very easily accessible and in many cases even more pleasant than travelling by car. So living in Tilburg is very easy and let’s not forget, very cheap!

Popular neighbourhoods in Tilburg

Living in the centre of Tilburg is of course very expensive, as there are mainly entertainment venues and shopping streets. Consequently, there is less space to live in. Moreover, the space is often filled by students who rent single rooms in the centre of Tilburg. In the city centre you can visit the Pathé to watch the latest film, walk to the Stadspark de Oude Dijk for a pleasant Sunday stroll, and from the train station you can easily reach other cities.

Living in and around the city

Are you looking to move to the Netherlands, to Tilburg? Many people live in De Blaak, a district in the southern part of the city. Due to its agricultural origins, the district is certainly not a ‘Manhattan’, but over the years the beautiful residential areas have attracted many wealthy people. With 28 ponds and green areas in the area, it can be said with conviction that Tilburg is very pleasant to live in.

House and flat prices

The average value of houses in Tilburg is below the national average at €187,000. This makes investing in a house in Tilburg very attractive. Since 2015, house prices have been rising again, so buying a house in the short term can be very interesting.

Moving to Tilburg

If you’re planning a move to this city, it’s a good idea to get well acquainted with your new place, with the possibility of working, renting or buying a house. Also order a removal company to transport your furniture and luggage for you. It’s worth looking for the right company that also handles international removals.