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Hanover as a multitasking city in Germany

Work for a world-famous corporation during the day and spend your evenings at concerts or sailing. In the Hannover region, you can balance work and private life perfectly.

Hanover for living and working

Anyone looking for a work-life balance will feel at home in the Hannover region. Not only can people study, work and set up businesses there, but it is also a place where you can enjoy life.

Products and services in Hanover

This is even shown by repeated surveys. In a survey conducted by the city of Hannover, nine out of ten residents rated their place of residence as good or very good. Both the local public transport and the many parks and green spaces contributed to this. According to European-wide rankings, the capital of Lower Saxony is one of the most liveable cities in Europe.

In this study, the city on the Rhine was not only rated highest in terms of quality of life, but also as a city with high economic potential and a skilled workforce.

Not only manufacturing, insurance and financial services contribute to the region’s high added value. Researchers in various fields also play an important role. For example, the companies Kind Hörgeräte and Sennheiser are leading innovations in audio technology. The federal and state governments have recently started to support four clusters of excellence at Leibniz University and Hannover Medical School. In addition to hearing, scientists there conduct research into infectious diseases, optical devices and measurement technologies.

Hannover and its surroundings are home to many companies from various industries that contribute to the region’s global reputation. In the automotive industry, technology leaders such as Volkswagen and Continental have their bases in the region. Bahlsen and Rossmann are examples of well-known retail brands based in Hannover. In addition, major insurance companies such as Concordia, VHV and HDI, as well as financial services provider Swiss Life, are based in the city.

Trade fairs and exhibition sites in Hanover

Hannover is home to the world’s largest exhibition grounds. In addition to the Hannover Messe, Hannover is also home to the leading mobility and logistics trade fair IAA Nutzfahrzeuge and Agritechnica – the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural technology. In the summer, IdeenExpo, Europe’s only interactive trade fair for curious young people, takes place. In the autumn, the first-ever conference on the 5G mobile communications standard takes place on the exhibition grounds.

Since Expo 2000, an increasing number of conferences and international events have taken place in Hanover thanks to the region’s exceptionally good infrastructure.

Leisure in and around the city

At the heart of Hannover is an urban forest covering more than 600 hectares. This makes the city one of the greenest in Germany. In addition, the Maschsee lake is the ideal place for swimming or sailing after a long day at work. Water sports in the Steinhuder Meer, horse riding in the Burgdorf region and hiking in the Deister mountains are all within no more than 30 minutes to Hannover.